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Management decision makers are focused on developing the highest performing systems in the most cost-effective and time-effective ways. DNG delivers on both fronts–by combining our extensive expertise in value engineering and leveraging our purchasing clout with our top-tier suppliers. The result: powerful, dependable, and adaptable systems that meet the precise needs of the private sector. While there are dozens of sub-categories and hundreds of individual applications, most fall into one of three groups:

Video Conferencing and Virtual Meetings Improving communications throughout your organization–and saving money, too

Video conferencing and virtual meetings are used by modern organizations to improve communication and collaboration amongst dispersed teams, customers and business stakeholders. The benefits to companies are numerous, and all contribute to increasing the effectiveness of their most important resource – their people. In addition, virtual meeting solutions offer the opportunity to reduce costs by cutting down on unnecessary travel, as well as supporting working practices such as home and tele-working.

Voice, video, data, cabling, and electrical services Connecting people across the hall or around the globe.

DNG has more than two decades of experience serving organizations that wish to integrate their computer network with their A/V systems, buildings and business environments. Effective cabling distribution and wireless networking plays an important role in our A/V solutions as these technologies must be high-performing, robust and resilient to avoid a degradation or disruption to service. Learn more about how DNG can help you with voice, video, data, cabling, and electrical services

Conference Rooms and Presentation SystemsTake your meetings and presentations to another level.

Our boardroom, meeting and training room design team can help you to make presentations more engaging for your audience. We offer a wide range of A/V systems that incorporate the best in audio/video delivery and digital projection, flat panel screen and interactive whiteboard technology, with integrated management systems to control A/V and other applications at the touch of a button. Learn more about Conference Rooms and Presentation Systems.

25 years and counting. Providing the full range of integrated business applications.

For over two decades businesses have trusted DNG to provide systems that communicate vital information and connect people throughout their internal and extended organizations. We’ve designed and built A/V and IT technology systems of all types, including these::

Emergency Operations Centers
A/V and IT Presentation Solutions
Security and Surveillance
Meetings and Conference Rooms
Video Streaming
Digital Signage
Communications Networks
Structured Cabling
Video Conferencing

DNG and the Private sector: Statistical Snapshot

For over a quarter century, DNG has been at the forefront of providing businesses that operate throughout the region:


Powerful performance. Yet simple to learn and use.

Whether it’s enterprise-wide mission critical systems or more modest limited-use applications, we keep one important goal in mind—make things as easy to learn and use as possible. Users with even the most limited technological abilities should be able to effortlessly learn and understand how to use these tools, without being burdened by technological complexities.

DNG Business and Industry clients

From fast growing, early stage companies to international industry leaders . From small scale applications to enterprise-wide systems. DNG has been the go-to systems integrator for business with a wide range of needs including these:

Business & Industry Technology Partners

Our partnerships include dozens of leading education and learning technology manufacturers, including these Premier Partners:

From early stage companies to the Fortune 500—a consistent and dedicated commitment to help move their business forward.

While much has evolved since we designed our first private sector project in 1989, there’s one thing that has remained constant. Our passion to serve, contribute, and make a difference in the growth and performance of companies and their employees. That’s what’s driven us since we opened our doors. And that will continue to be our focus forever.

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