DNG & Clevertouch

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DNG is proud to announce its partnership with Clevertouch, a multi award-winning provider of interactive touchscreen solutions. Clevertouch is the leading touchscreen manufacturer in the United Kingdom and growing rapidly across the globe through distribution partnerships. DNG will now offer the Clevertouch Plus Series and Pro Series, premium interactive touchscreen solutions developed specifically for education and business settings, respectively. Clevertouch is the only touchscreen manufacturer to win all three of the top industry recognized accolades, including Product of the Year for Collaboration at the 2018 InAVation Awards, Presentation Innovation of the Year at the 2018 AV News Awards, and AV Awards’ Manufacturer of the Year in 2015 and the Interactive Display Product of the Year for three years running. Learn more about this exciting collaboration.

A symbiotic and collaborative relationship from Day One

From day one we opened our doors in 1987, we’ve focused on nurturing our connections with manufacturers. Our focus then, and continuing to this day, has been on creating meaningful and valuable partnerships—transcending merely those of a customer/vendor relationship.

Hitting the ROI Sweet Spot:

Performance and Price

Our job is to identify the products that best meet the specific needs of every individual client project. So, our decision-making is unbiased and solution-focused. Thorough evaluation of all viable options combined with our high-volume pricing and preferred product allocation, provides DNG clients with, as the saying goes,the best bang for the buck.

Regardless of the organization’s size or segment, clients can rest assured that we only integrate products and applications that meet the highest standards for reliability, scalability, and serviceability. All sourced from hundreds of the world’s leading technology manufacturers, including these Premier Partners, below.

Premier Partners

Our partnerships include dozens of leading technology manufacturers, including these Premier Partners: