East Valley Water District


East Valley Water District

Project Name/Assignment:

Board Room & Meeting Spaces


The original completion date was scheduled for the middle of April. Due to a client meeting and subsequent press release, the completion date was moved up to February with the first board meeting scheduled for February 26, 2014, 60 days sooner than expected. This timeline seriously affected all trades – but had an even more severe impact on DNG because audio-visual systems are installed after everyone else has completed their work, and typically missed their timelines.


There were various reasons for DNG’s ability to accelerate this project to meet the client’s adjusted timelines. The first reason was great manufacture partners. All of DNG’s partners accelerated delivery of their respective products. Also, fortunately DNG does not sub-contract the installation process, so DNG was able to staff up to meet the deadline, and in some cases, requested DNG staff to work double shifts and weekends. Finally, all touch panel programming and work flow was clearly defined and accepted by the client prior to any actual programming. Four separate programmers collaborated on the system programming to meet the deadline.

Project Features

  • Collaborative and Digital Learning Classrooms
  • Video Conferencing and Virtual Meetings
  • Conference Rooms and Presentation Systems
  • Live Streaming, Digital Signage and Wireless Systems
  • Campus Safety and Video Surveillance
  • Interactive Conference and Meeting Rooms


Not only was DNG capable of compressing the work schedule by 60 days, but DNG also utilized a new 3-chip ultra short throw projector lens to meet customer’s requirements and solve a budget issue through the use of design value engineering.