City of Torrance


City of Torrance Police Department

Project Name/Assignment:

Solar Powered Wireless Video Surveillance System


Design challenges included the need for a wireless and solar power high definition IP based video surveillance system to monitor city surrounding the city of Torrance. Choosing the proper low wattage equipment and creating a compatible integration of the IP surveillance software and cameras were the biggest hurdles to overcome.


The system implementation was unique and completely custom which grabbed the security industry’s attention when featured in the trade publication Security Systems News. Due to DNG’s vast vendor relationships and committed partners, DNG was able to customize a turn-key unique design. City law enforcement and the traffic department diverted auto and pedestrian traffic at major city intersections so that DNG could install a series of IP based Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras on traffic light standards at major city intersections. The cameras were HD quality housed in bullet & weather resistant housings. Each camera package was powered by uninterrupted solar panels and video information was transmitted via wireless radios to the Torrance PD command center. Storage servers provide 80TB of storage.

Project Features

  • Collaborative and Digital Learning Classrooms
  • Video Conferencing and Virtual Meetings
  • Conference Rooms and Presentation Systems
  • Live Streaming, Digital Signage and Wireless Systems
  • Campus Safety and Video Surveillance
  • Interactive Conference and Meeting Rooms


Digital Networks Group was selected for this innovative project not because of cost, but based on DNG’s comprehensive design and innovative integration of numerous technologies.