DNG is certified for CMAS

CMAS Logo Digital Networks Group is proud to be a California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS) certified supplier of professional audio/video solutions, assessment, design, integration and services. California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) agreements are established with contractors like DNG that are registered in the State of California to sell information technology and non-information technology products and services to California State and Local government agencies. CMAS operates as a streamlined procurement option, offering competitively assessed and pre-negotiated products and services based on Federal General Services Administration (GSA) multiple award schedule contracts. That means state agencies and local governments are assured they are paying a fair and reasonable prices for our products and services. CMAS agreements comply with California procurement codes, guidelines, and policies, and provide for the highest level of contractual protection.In 2017, California State agencies alone purchased over $150 million in goods and services through the CMAS program.
Who can use CMAS?
  • California State and Local Government Agencies
  • Any California City, County or District
  • California State University and University of California Systems
  • K-12 Public Schools
  • Community Colleges that spend public funds

CMAS Benefits to you:

  • Realized Cost Savings: Competitive, market-based pricing that leverages the GSA Schedules program with the ability to negotiate further discounts at the order level
  • Flexibility and Choice: Can tailor orders, vast selection, set-aside orders
  • Saves Time: Pre-competed, on-demand contracts
  • Realized Transparency: View pricing online
  • Control Procurement Process: Self-service access that allows control of procurements, including requirements development, evaluation, award, and administration
  • Built-in compliance: CA Public code and state and local terms and conditions