Solutions: Overview

Be it the classroom, the boardroom, the operating room, or the you-name-it-room:
DNG provides the full spectrum of integrated A/V and IT solutions.

Since 1987, clients of all sizes and in all sectors have trusted DNG to deliver customized solutions––from simple applications to full-fledged, enterprise-wide systems.

Top-to-bottom. Start-to-finish. And then some.

As a full-service systems integrator, our comprehensive approach provides clients with a single source to get the job done. All the services, and all performed by full-time DNG staff. Consultation
> Site Planning
> Project Management> Design/Engineering >Equipment Sourcing>Installation>Certification>Training>Support/Maintenance
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Our Systems and Solutions

Collaborative & Digital Learning Classrooms

Technology-driven systems that enhance the way teachers teach and students learn. The full gamut of applications for elementary schools to medical universities.
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Conference Rooms & Presentation Systems

From small group settings to enormous auditoriums (and everything in between) DNG systems have one thing in common they keep presenters and audiences fully connected.
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Live Streaming, Digital Signage and Wireless Systems

Get your messages front and center. From single-screens to multi-facility systems.
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Campus Safety & Video Surveillance

Mission critical systems for government and the private sector—when seconds count and lives matter.
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Video Conferencing and Virtual Meetings

Bringing teams together and ideas to life through audio, video, and information sharing. Powerful systems that power the flow of information.
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Video, Voice, Data Cabling & Electrical Services

Weather it’s across the room or across the campus, DNG’s infrastructure solutions keep everything connected. From fiber to twisted pair to coaxial and wireless bridges.
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Powerful Systems that Empower The Users.

Every system we design keeps user-friendliness at the forefront. Intuitive, easy to learn, and simple to use. Ensuring that the technology doesn’t get in the way of what ultimately matters most—maximizing user effectiveness and efficiency. We like to call it a ‘walk up and use’ approach.

Future looking, yet backwards compatible.

Clients need a partner that integrates their current systems, processes, and budget as well as incorporating their future growth plans. DNG’s systems are designed to maximize the value of what’s already in place. And at the same time be designed with future expandability and scalability in mind.

No Canned Solutions

The entire process begins with a through understanding of your organization’s precise needs and objectives. No two client situations are the same, so no two solutions should be either.