1987: One giant leap for technology. And one small step for DNG.

1987 will always be known as a pivotal year for the technology industry. It was, as some have called it, the emergence of the convergence of information technology, telecommunications, and audio/visual content.

Three guys. 100 square feet. Tons of commitment.

1987 was also the year that three boyhood friends saw their opportunity to get plugged in to this new, changing world. And Mike Stammire, Chris Ursetta, and Bart Moran started (what is now) Digital Networks Group–the company that they still run today.

In the beginning, the three of us would go out and sell new jobs in the morning. And then install current ones–still wearing our shirts and ties–all afternoon and evening.-Mike Stammire, DNG Co-Founder and President

Since then, The Company has thrived over the years due to its wide range of technological competencies, passion for innovation, and fanatical commitment to client satisfaction.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Certainly, much has changed since the Company was launched in 1987. Since then, we’ve served over 2500 clients. And, today our 140 employees complete more than 1200 projects annually, working out of our 21,000 sq. ft . Aliso Viejo, CA headquarters.

Yet, at the same time, the most meaningful things—our passion for our work, our commitment to our clients, and our focus on relationships haven’t changed one bit. And those same three principles will continue to drive us forever.


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