Since 1987, clients have counted on us for delivering best-in-class technologies that enhance learning, collaboration, and productivity. We provide end-to-end solutions and services – from conceptual planning and system design through installation, training, and on-going service and support.


We design, build, and deploy integrated A/V systems for clients in both the public and private sectors. With deep experience across a broad array of industries, we possess a particularly strong expertise in the education, government, and healthcare sectors, and throughout a wide-range of business and industry segments.

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Service and Solutions

DNG provides design, installation, and support for a wide-range of client integrated A/V and IT systems, including:

  • Collaborative & Digital Learning Classrooms

  • Video Conferencing & Virtual Meetings

  • Conference Rooms & Presentation Systems

  • Live Streaming, Digital Signage, & Wireless Systems

  • Campus Safety & Video Surveillance

  • Video, Voice, Data Cabling & Electrical Services


Technology is complicated. But using it shouldn’t be. Systems are designed with end-user usability at the forefront. Efficient training and on-the-spot support makes learning curves short and usability fast.

With performance, reliability, and scalability goals at the forefront of all that we do, our systems help clients:

  • Share knowledge more effectively
  • Present information more powerfully
  • Teach and learn more thoroughly
  • Interact and communicate more personally
  • Protect and ensure public safety more efficiently
Conference Room
Conference Room
DNG at Work

One set of Standards.
Tons of Client Benefits

Demanding, passionate, and unwavering technical and procedural standards are at our core. Teaching, learning, testing, and certifying functions are centralized at our dedicated and comprehensive DNG Training Academy.

We believe that everything we do is a process. And that every process should be continuously improved upon.-Mike Stammire, President and Co-Founder, Digital Networks Group
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DNG Corporate Snapshot: Key Stats at a Glance

DNG Stats at a Glance
1. Among the Largest In-House Field Technician Staffs in Southern California

All full-time, on-staff tech fields. No third parties. No sub-contractors. No ifs, and, or buts. Eliminates the problems that come with the outsourced tech approach. Plus, one unified team ensures one set of standards.

Learn how our field tech team’s rapid development, critical mass, and multi-shifting keeps things on time, on-budget, and on-target.

2. California Focus and Expertise. We Know the Territory

With over a quarter of a century serving clients in the Golden State, we know the State regulations, codes, utilities, and protocols inside-and-out. So none of the learning curves, missteps, and delays that stem from out-of-state unfamiliarity.

See a list of our California clients.

3. Financial Strength and Stability. Rock Solid, Reliable, Durable, and Scalable (Just Like Our Systems).

Consistent financial performance for over a quarter of a century has its benefits. Our bonding capacity is high, insurance rates low, and creditworthiness is stellar–and we like auditing the business each year.

4. On Budget, On Time, On Target. Right On.

Not that we should get any bonus points for this (after all, that’s what you hire us for). Yet, in the real world, it’s easier said than done. Our full time logistics specialist and world class supply chain system has a lot to do with the next point, below.

5. Superb Client Repeat Rate: Where the Rubber Meets the Road.

92% of all clients that use us once, use us again.

See a list of our clients.

Read more about our projects.

DNG has built symbiotic relationships with hundreds of the world’s most respected suppliers, including our premier partners:

Long-Standing, Collaborative Relationships with Best-In-Class Manufacturers.

Every DNG system is designed and built with components from the world’s leading A/V and networking hardware and software companies. Yet, high-performance doesn’t mean high costs–clients rely on our purchasing power, negotiating skills, and value engineering expertise, to deliver the most ROI-effective solution on every job.


Enough About Us. Let’s Talk about You.

Contemplating a project? Have a tech challenge that needs a solution? Let us help think things through with you. Call (949) 428-6333 or click on the contact form.

Learn more about the practical benefits our projects have had for clients, and the types of professional solutions we offer.

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